Decluttering Task Thirteen

Today was a lazy kind of stay at home day with lots of reading of Miffy books, a long nap, some yummy food and bits and pieces of housework and decluttering. And hey - it's already been a month of daily decluttering.  I still feel like I am surrounded by a mountain of stuff, but it took me ages to accumulate it all, so I guess it's going to take a while to kiss it all goodbye.

Things are improving though - today, I cleared a space to dust it, but then liked the look of the space without the things that were in it before, that I have decided to keep it like that.  I am also getting rid of the Ikea catalogue, even though I have only looked at it twice (a record minimum for me, I think) because looking at it makes me WANT stuff.  Nooooooooo.  I am also saying goodbye to these two massive coffee table books.  Don't get me wrong, I love books.  I LOVE books.  I did a literature degree and worked in publishing and so on and so forth BUT, I have had these books for...16 years and have never once opened them.  Shocking, I know.  I figure that if after all that time I am not going to, there's no use them just sitting around when someone else could enjoy them.  Plus...I don't have a coffee table.  Natch.

My task for you today is a simple one and it may even help you save some money.
Declutter your wallet.  This can be done every week.

1) Go to the ATM (and take your money box too - I have one that I drop any 50, 100 and 500 yen coins in when I get them) and pour in the contents of your wallet at the end of the week.  It may be 100yen, it may be 2000yen...whatever.  Put it in the bank.  I am a big fan of the every little bit counts school of thought.

2) Put all your receipts in your budget envelope ready to update your budget.  I have been using a budget of some sort or another for many years now, but I still need to work on a more successful weekly one - especially for groceries etc.  When I succeed, I will let you know!

3) Clear out the cards. Check on your point cards, are there any that can be cashed in for a free coffee or whatever?  Look at any business cards you have collected this week.  If they are useful, either contact the person straight away or put them in your electronic contacts for later.  If they are not, chuck them.  Now.  Check you are only carrying cards that are valid.  No use carrying around your student card if you left university in 2007.

4) Clear out the random bits of fluff and paper and library reminders and so on that get stuck in there.

5) If your wallet is washable, why not treat it to a wash?  If it is leather, give it a polish or even a waterproofing to keep it in shape longer.

6) Pop everything left back in and stick it back in your bag.


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