Decluttering Task Twelve

I must admit to harbouring a bit of an aversion to stuffed toys at the moment.  As a child, I loved them - I used to line them all up on my pillow - a dozen or so of them - and when the lights were out, I'd get them all up and play school in the dark.  I don't mind one or two favourites, and I actually, to tell the truth, I am a bit hypocritical as I kind of like to make them...BUT...they multiply.  I swear - while we are not looking, those little fluffy numbers are breeding like rabbits in the toy box, so some had to go - hopefully to a good home.  

My task today is a bit breeder-exclusive, so please excuse me, although you could apply it to your own "toys" as well, I guess.  It's a bit of the bleeding obvious, but something we perhaps need to be reminded of every now and then as we face an almost constant onslaught of toy catalogues, birthday gifts, just-because gifts, Christmas gifts and...grandparent gifts, and it's something I have discovered from watching Little Miss O....

She doesn't need a million toys.

I know - hardly rocket science, but important in the world of decluttering.  The task today is to watch your child and see with what he or she interacts most.  And then get rid of the rest.  For Little Miss O, it is her Duplo blocks, her drawing stuff, some trains, a ride-on, books, a few soft toys and some cooking items.   And that's already a lot of stuff.  Her grandparents took her to a toy store yesterday, and bought her a Thomas train set thingie that she completely forgot about after she got in the car, so I was able to save it for today to distract her while I went for some minor surgery.  I am slowly taking away stuff that she hasn't touched for ages and passing it on and trying hard not to buy any new things for her until her birthday when we will probably give her an easel or a trike type vehicle.  


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