Decluttering Task Eleven

I am actually pretty good at using things up and then getting rid of the empty bottle (by recycling if I can, of course!), and I loathe seeing bathrooms etc. with a whole lot of different shampoos or whatever all opened and half-used.  Ugh.  We have enough bloody bottles of goo cluttering up our bathroom shelf as it is let alone having multiples in different brands.  But I digress.  I found this baby lurking under the sink, empty and I chucked it into the recycling.

My task of the day is actually yesterday's task that I finally remembered and as such, is totally unrelated to the above.  It's a simple one, but one I find SO very difficult but am now going to force myself to do it.  And it is....drum with emails immediately.  Seriously - my brother has 18,500 emails lurking in his inbox...just cluttering up his digital world.  From now on, after I have got through the backlog, I am going to try super hard to deal with emails straight away.  Send to spam, delete, read and then delete, open and unsubscribe or open and answer...whatever it is that you have to do, do it when you first see the email.  Otherwise, the buggers lurk in there, get forgotten, get out of date, come back to haunt you and just clutter everything up.  YUK.  Speaking of the digital world, life without Facebook is going swimmingly.  I missed it a teeny bit to begin with but now, I don't miss it at all, and I really seem to have more time.


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