Decluttering Task Ten

I can't remember when I got this cream and I have only a vague idea that it is probably for my eczema, so I think it is time to bin it. Gross.  I loathe old bits of medicine and creams lying around all skanky and out of date.  Get in there and bin yours too.

I had an idea today at some stage - maybe when I was out at the supermarket - who knows when divine inspiration hit?  Anyway, I thought that this might help with decluttering a bit - just an alternative method.... 

1) Pick a number under ten and stick with it for declutters of various items....for example underwear, tshirts, photo albums, unread novels.  

2) Be strict with yourself.  I have found that if I have a number to get down to, then I am much more likely to really weed out the essentials and not wimp out so much (I may have cheated a bit on Little Miss O's clothes, for example...ooops.  Will try again later).

3) Having under that number is even better.  If you pick eight and find that you have, for example, six pairs of undies, don't go out and buy more just to GET to eight.

4) Once you have your number, stick to it and try to only get new things for each group when the old one needs replacing....

5) Be brave and pick a lower number for next time you declutter.

There are plenty of declutters/minimalist challenges etc. that rely on numbers.  Take for example, Project 33 - a way to weed out your wardrobe and something that I have really got to get around to trying...once I have done my numbers move on everything.  As you can see from the above pic, I chose seven because it is my lucky number.  In this first of my "groups of seven photos", I have my eye make-up.  Ultimately, I would like to have only seven pieces of make-up across the board, but baby steps, baby steps...  Clockwise from the top, we have;

1) Benefit's Mr Frosty
2) Jane Iredale black mascara
3) Benefit's Just Browzing (is that what it is called?) eyebrow make-up
4) Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes eyeshadow set
5) Some black eyeliner I have had for ages
6) Some olive eyeliner I have had for ages
7) Dr Hauschka's black liquid eyeliner

It's amazing the number of looks I can get from that lot - from wide-eyed and innocent with some Mr Frosty and a coat or two of mascara, to bride of Alice Cooper with loads of smudged and blended black eyeliner with liquid eyeliner over the top and mascara on the top and bottom...and everything in between.  Yay.


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