Decluttering Task Nine

More evidence of counting my chickens before they hatch. Or something along those lines.  I have a terrible tendency to buy things for situations before they arise.  I am not talking food for Friday night dinner before Friday night, I am talking stuff like the above.  My mum and I went out and bought a whole bunch of cups and formula holders and all that crapola before we really got Little Miss O on to the milk/formula...and she never drank cow's milk or formula.

We flew back to Japan last night - YAY, and it's bloody hot but good to be home.  But that is by the by - as I was unpacking, I had a little - although probably not original - idea that might help those of you who are daunted by decluttering.  If pulling out your whole wardrobe or cupboard or something is too daunting, just take baby steps.  As I was putting bits and pieces of clothes away, for example, I did a quick little declutter - just a little scan to see if there was anything that needed to go.  This could be done with lots of things.  Another example might be when doing the ironing or folding the washing, clothes that are past it or clothes that are no good for you can be spotted and ditched.  Or as you put away the groceries, just check a shelf to see if there is anything there that is out of date or never going to be used.  Quick.  Easy.


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