Allergy-free: bread

Please note that allergy free posts cover my daughter's personal allergies - eggs, sesame and all nuts but walnuts and does not constitute medical advice.

As you may already know, Little Miss O is allergic to many things, so I have to be very careful about cooking for her.  To be honest, it's a royal pain in the arse, but there are a lot worse things that could have happened, so...there it is.  

Over the last couple of days, I have tried two Orgran bread mixes (No, they are not sponsoring me and no, they did not send me these.  I got them on sale at my local health food store back home).

So - I tried the Easy Bake Bread Mix first.  OK - I am terrible at reading instructions and terrible at measurement, so I missed the bit about only using dough hooks AND I kind of winged it on the size of the loaf tin.  The mixture puffed up in moments and blobbed out all over the place on the baking tray.  However, I still decided to cook it as I don't have many of these mixes in Japan, so they are very precious.  As it cooked, it rose more and more and more bog globs of bread mix came out on to the tray.  Then, the whole thing caved in, leaving a large whole..kind of like a sinkhole, really.  Sigh.  I salvaged the blobs for little biscuity snacks for Little Miss O, so that was OK.  The bread itself - what was left, was super crumbly and soft, so it was very hard to slice.  It also was kind of...blah-tasting.  If I could say that it tasted very...white, then that would be the best way to describe it.  I have another box, so I am going to try it with the dough hooks and two tins next time.

Then I tried the Alternative Grains Wholemeal Bread Mix.  Totally different instructions - and no dough hooks needed.  This time, I popped the mixture into two tins and they rose and baked beautifully.  I got a nice, moist and easy to slice loaf.  The taste is still quite bland, but with a bit more bite to it than the white loaf.  I would definitely recommend it. 


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