Teen idol

 Coincidentally, yesterday I was reading an article about Iva Davies and Icehouse, my massive crush and fave band when I was about 14, and on the same day, I found this jacket that I made at that time.  Haha.  I was embarrassed about it for quite some time after I sort of got over my infatuation (although, if the truth be told, he is still rather nice and of course, the music still stands up.  As a hopeless itinerant, it is always Great Southern Land that plays in my head whenever I fly over Australia on a visit home.), but actually, now I am a little bit proud of it.  It's so neat - except - hello - why didn't anyone beat me around the head for using white thread in the bobbin?  Oh dear.

Icehouse are actually playing just down the road from my parents' place in October, but I won't be in Sydney.  Major bummer.  I would LOVE to see them play again...probably wouldn't be screaming quite as much as I did in 1987 or 88 or whenever it was.  Eherm.  Ah well, will just have to re-download all the songs (lost when my mac imploded), put on my jacket and dance in my lounge room.

Any deeply uncool, but rather charming acts of teenage devotion to which you would like to confess?


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