Samsara project: Blankie to nightie which things pass through states of existence...

Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that I am OBSESSED with sleep and lounge wear.  I can't get enough of cute oversized sloppy joes and patterned pointelle leggings.  Well, actually, I can get enough - I am doing a very good job at resisting them at the moment.  I resisted a super cute turquoise pair of lounge leggings today at Target - turquoise with a birdy motif AND on sale.  See, see - I am becoming a minimalist!!

Anyway - today, I finished off this nightie for Little Miss O. The main body comes from a very sweet Baby Gap blankie that a friend sent before she was born.  It was double layered, so I could use the two layers for the front and back.  The sleeves are made from a 50 cent dress I got at the Lifeline Warehouse for the specific purpose of...making something else.  Even the ribbon decoration at the neck is made from one of those ribbons that get put into tops so you can hang them easily, which I like to cut out cos they drive me NUTS.  It's a fraction too big right now, but will be good for next winter.


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