Samsara Project: Gift-wrap reborn which things pass through states of existence...

As I have already confessed on these pages to being a gift-wrap ironer (Does that make you cringe every time you read it?  Myah.  I just shrug my shoulders.), it is probably not a surprise when I bring to you my lovely gift wrap gift wrap.  Oh - go on - iron it and be proud.  Actually, although I do mostly iron it, I don't really pretend or imagine that anyone believes that it is new gift wrap.  It doesn't look like new gift wrap.  Sometimes, I actually crease it up even more and then smooth it out so it gets an interesting texture and then use it.  This time, I have combined two types of pre-loved wrap - a background wrap and hearts cut out of plain paper which are tied with fabric strips with cute patterns.  I am not ashamed that I have re-used it, in fact, I am actually proud of the fact that I am recycling.  Go on, I dare you, recycle.


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