Quick money saving tip for fabric lovers

I am a shocker for buying random bits of fabric that end up being mostly too little, but sometimes waaaaaaaay too much for the project I want to use them for.  In order to solve this problem, I have taken some photos of patterns that I want to make and if, when flea marketing or opshopping or whatever, I come across a piece of fabric I like, then wayhay - I can quickly look at my pics and see the length of fabric required straight away and measure it with my trusty tape measure.  YAY.

Actually, the above is something I plan to make next time I am back in Sydney - loving that roll neck dress and top (not so much the verrrry 80s pinafore...) I wanted to make it here but time ran out and my bags are too crammed with special allergy free food for Little Miss O that I can't fit anything more in.  Posts about reducing panic buying and learning to work with what I have I am sure will ensue - so tired of lugging bags of supplies across the world.


  1. A fabulous idea! Happy 500th!

    1. Thank you! I love your little thread avatar. :)


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