Sewing for kids: Little jim-jams

I love making things for Little Miss O, but she seems to grow faster than I can sew - two cardigans that I cut out and left in Sydney are now too small, and I haven't even finished sewing them.  Arrrrgh.  However, she desperately needed some new summer PJs and I picked up 2m of this very cute, lovely and fine cotton at a church opshop for 70c (OK - 11 things for $7, so about 70c each...) and I used a vintage pattern - just a dodgy 80s one that I got at the Goodwill shop to make them.  Love those little ruffled sleeves.

We are flying back to Japan tomorrow night.  SO excited about getting back to see the lovely Mr O.  Wooooooooohoooooo.


  1. Gorgeous Jim jams, I'd wear those myself if my size :)

    1. I'm sure you could whip them up yourself, clever lady. :)


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