Sewing for kids: Funky things with fabric scraps - hello skirt!

Oh, I love a piece of fabric and oh do I love a fabric scrap.  I reFUSE to bin them as there are so many things that they can become and here, I shall be bringing you some nifty little ideas as they come to me.

Here is a 50c skirt that I bought at the Lifeline Warehouse near my place. Of course, it wasn't this craft-tastic when I got it - it was just a plain army-ish green child's skirt that was one of the only couple of things I managed to find - slim pickings these days at the old chazza shops.  Sigh.  ANYWAY...I got to it with my fabric scrap collection and bedazzled it - simply by ironing a small hem on the pieces and then pinning and sewing on to the skirt.  I made the belt also from fabric scraps - those long skinny ones - and just plaited them together, tying new bits on as I went, until it was long enough.

Plain skirt becomes super cute AND it can be worn with basically any colour top because they are all there.  Result.

What do you like to do with fabric scraps?


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