Declutter Day 21 - and a task for you

I love rosehip oil - I have been using it for quite a few years now, and to be honest, I don't know how well it has reduced wrinkles or smoothed over scars, but it makes my skin feel nice and dewy and there is nothing yukky in it, so bring it on, I say!  However, much as I love it, this particular bottle had been left to sit for a while at my parents' place in Sydney, and so the very small amount that was left had gone all thick and grainy with solid bits.  Ewww.  I tried to convince myself that it was still OK, but it wasn't, so today, as I was packing the potions and lotions for the trip home,  out it went.

And thus, your little task for today is to go to your bathroom cupboard - yes - NOW, throw it open with a grand gesture and grab the first crusty gross old bottle of foundation or aftershave or whatever has been sitting there festering for some time without being used and chuck it in the bin.  Don't stop to think about it, just bin it.  Then come back here, sit down, relax and read my little post on fabric scraps.


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