Decluttering Task Eight

Today, I handed over some frocks to one of my lovely cousins.  Frocks that made me look like a bloke in a dress, frocks that were the wrong size, frocks that didn't fit me anymore because of my body changing shape after being pregnant (seriously - I am not talking baby fat here - although that is another issue - I am talking an actual change in basic structural make up.  Weird.).  She was happy to receive them.  I was happy to pass them on.

And my task for you today, my bloggie pals, is...

Purge a person.  Sounds horrible, doesn't it?  It's not so bad.  We all have people around who don't enhance our lives.  Maybe you used to be friends, but time has passed and whatever brought you together and fired the friendship has long gone.  Maybe it's someone you thought was your friend but who often stands you up or lets you down.  Maybe it's an ex that you claim to be friends with, but really you are still in love with, which is inhibiting your ability to move on.  I can't tell you who that person is, but I am sure if you think about it, there is someone out there your life could do without.  Stop wasting your time or energy or thoughts on them.  Purge them and use that new freedom or energy to do something positive for you or for someone you truly love.


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