Decluttering Task Seven

Arrgh. Little Miss O is asleep in the room where my declutter item for today is - a big bag of baby clothes.  I am not brave enough to go and get it in case she wakes up.  Will pop them on here and on Gumtree tomorrow.

As for today's task - it's a simple one.  A no-brainer way to work out which items in your wardrobe actually get worn.

Easy - turn the coathangers around to face the "wrong" way.  When you wear something, put it back with the hanger facing the right way.  At the end of the month, get rid of the clothes on the "wrong way" hangers - leaving any special occasion items such as your LBD or out of season items - and turn the hangers back again and start again.  That way, you will get through your wardrobe decluttering easily and without any real decision-making agony.


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