Decluttering Task Two


Woohoo!  I sold Little Miss O's baby carrier today - now, I hope she doesn't notice as she is very fond of it.  Hm.  She was getting too big for it and waaaaaay too heavy, but it was quite sweet to have her all snuggled up next to me.  How fast they grow up!  These days, she is too big for the bath, so these baby bathing items have found their way into the declutter pile today.

And now, it's over to you.  Today's decluttering task involves cookbooks. Warning: this post may upset book lovers, so please proceed with caution.  Actually, I love books too, but hey...   Take one cookbook and;
1) Go through it and pull out the pages of things that you already cook or that you would like to cook.  Be realistic - for example, I live in Japan where stuff like haloumi is difficult to come by, so I don't tear out recipes for things with haloumi.  If you like your cooking fast and dirty, don't pull out recipes for complicated tarts etc.  It ain't gonna happen, baby OR if there isn't really anything in there that strikes your fancy - give the book away - to a friend or donate it to charity.
2) Ideas for the rest of the book - hand it over to a friend who also likes cooking and invite him or her to take out any recipes they wish.  Select some recipes that you think a friend, relative or whoever might like and use them to make recipe cards or a recipe book to give them as a gift.  Cut out recipes and stick them inside greetings cards or notelets as a little extra when you write a letter or send a care package.  Use the pages to wrap gifts or to make paper with.  As a final resort, recycle.
3) Get on to cooking those recipes.  No point in having a pile of recipe pages cluttering up your world.  Cook and cull.  If the recipe works and you love it, stick it in your recipe folder.  If not, repeat any of the ideas in Step 2.
4) And so on ad infinitum with all your cookbooks.  Or some of them.  I have a few that are so great throughout that I want to keep the whole book.  Only a few, mind...this IS about reducing clutter.

Ganbatte, kudasai!
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