Decluttering Task Four

Today's declutter is a bit of a poignant one, really.  I am saying goodbye to my Year 12 formal dress, inspired by Samantha on Bewitched, made using a vintage pattern and the cause of much blood, sweat and tears...well, plenty of swearing and tears as I tried to put zips in and hand sewed zillions of tiny crystally beads on chiffon.  Such a pretty dress - so kind of simple and innocent and homemade and sweet.  However, the years have not been kind to it, nor was the dry cleaner, and I can never wear it again, so it must go.  Actually, I am going to cut it into strips and weave it into something so that it is still there with me but in a new and useful form.

And my task for you, readers, is to declutter your schedule and, on the last day of the working week, take a little time out to indulge yourself.  My indulgence today was a dark hot chocolate with chilli at a cosy little cavern of a cafe in Sydney replete with red banquettes and vintage luggage, tucked away from the wild winds and rains that battered the city today.


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