Decluttering Task Three

Oooooof.  Am in the middle of a brain-numbing proofread, so I am taking a little break to bring you today's declutter.  Wayhay - the above bag is today's item out the door, and it looks like it's already been sold.  Bonus!  Gumtree is definitely proving to be the way forward.  Hoorah.

Today's task for you, dear readers, is a  little tidy out of your underwear drawer with an idea for cheap and eco-friendly storage solutions.

1) Empty out your drawer.  Sort everything into piles;
Needs a new home
No hope

2) Start with the easy ones, the no-hopers.  Chuck them out.  Now.  Bye bye.  

3) Next, the recycleable ones.  They may be in a bad way, but there is still some life in the old buggers yet.  Here are some ideas; turn them into cleaning cloths, headbands (?), sock puppets; use them as patterns to make other undies, use parts of them to make other smalls (e.g that special elastic for undies)...Triumph in Japan even has a recycling system - I received a very discrete bag to put my bras in to take them to one of their outlets.  Cute.

4) Find a new home for the ones who need a new home.  OK - noone wants your used undies.  OK - well, actually, maybe someone does, but I am not going into that here.  However, bras that are still in good shape can be donated.  There are oodles of charities that can use them - a quick Google search came up with lots, including one called Free the Girls, which I liked the sound of it ( I haven't had time to really research, I am not actually endorsing it - take a look yourself and find one that suits your own ethics and so on).  New ones with tags can of course be passed on.  Hell - regift them, why not?

5) I cut down paper shopping bags to make my cheap and eco-friendly drawer liners.  I have a bunch of bags that come in handy for all sorts of things.  This is a quick and easy one - find bags that fit into your drawer and then trim them down to just below the height of your drawer.  I have separate ones for undies, bras, socks and tights and leggings.  Fold up your smalls and arrange them within.


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