Decluttering Task One

It is a 100 percent glorious day today in Sydney...sunshine, a few wisps of cloud in a perfect blue sky, a light breeze, and the sea this morning was like a lake - SO wanted to go swimming in it.

Today's bye-bye item is this rather retro-tastic bouncer that Little Miss O had.  So cute, but SO not needed anymore.

And then I thought, hey - what about setting some decluttering tasks for my readers as well?  Not sure why, but the first thing that came into my mind was the small cosmetic bag that goes in your handbag.

1) Empty everything out
2) Chuck out the gross stuff - are any of the products used up or too crusty to bear?  I was thinking it might be a good idea, if not very glam, to label one's make-up with the opening date, seeing they all have shelf lives these days that are usually indicated on the packaging. Chuck out any used up items.
3) Clean up - wash, or if its unwashable,  wipe over your cosmetic bag.  Does it need mending or is it beyond repair and needs to be replaced?  Sharpen any pencils.  Clear up any of that sticky grunge that seems to gather around tubes of handcream or lipbalm.
3) Sort the contents.  Are there any that you never use and could be given away to a friend?  Are there any that you don't really use on a regular basis and that can go back into your bathroom cupboard?  Narrow them down to the basics - whatever works for you.  I usually just carry a powder compact, lip gloss or balm and a tiny tube of handcream, tissues and a tampon or two.
4) Restock.  Are you out of your favourite lipgloss that you use every single day without fail?  Pop a new one in to make sure that you aren't caught short of your daily essentials.
5) Repack and put it back into your bag.  Et voila - done.


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