Decluttering Task Six

See that little foot in the corner?  Someone was very interested in the photo-taking this evening.  Today, it's just a donate, not a for sale.  These are my extremely unflattering tracky pants that, as Mama S puts it, look like I have done a pooh in them.  Nice one, Mama S...and especially as she gave them to me!  Wah.  Which segues into....

Your task for today.  Go to your wardrobe and remove one piece of unflattering clothing and get RID of it.  You know it - that top that clings to the wrong bits, that jumper in the colour that really does not do anything for your skin, that skirt that is a fraction too short.  It doesn't matter if it was expensive, or was a gift or is so very cute.  If it doesn't suit has to go.  Give it away.  Or sell it.  

There's no point in having things in your wardrobe that don't make you feel fantastic.  I am not telling you to have millions of clothes, or buy loads of stuff or be a slave to fashion.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I am asking you, very nicely, to cull and reduce your wardrobe to things that give a certain swagger to your walk because you know you look good.  It's not about having a perfect figure or designer clothes. It's about finding a few pieces that you ROCK and wearing them and not settling for anything else.  No - not even when it is 75% off.  

Bye bye and good riddance.


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