Decluttering Task Five

There was quite a bit of decluttering done today - well - no, let me rephrase that, I tried to declutter and Mama S and Little Miss O were doing some work on recluttering.  However - today's items are my exercise ball and my sparring pads....hardly touched.  I do miss boxing training, but I have no-one to spar with.  Weep.  Kept my beautiful gloves though.

And this is my task for you.  Declutter your life of arguments.  Seriously - just peace on out and see what happens.  For example, the lovely Mr O was telling me about the misguided but sweet care he had been giving my beautiful balcony garden that I have been labouring over.  Hm.  I could have got quite irate, seeing as it was the only thing I asked him to do when I was away and had left him a detailed instruction list, which would have led to an argument and so on and so forth.  So I didn't. I mean really, what does it matter?  I can replant.   I just peaced out, laughed it off, discussed autumn planting and some little lessons in the garden for him for next time.

You can peace out anytime...just let it sliiiiiiiiiiiide.


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