39 before 40

It's my birthday tomorrow!  Wooohooo!  I plan to celebrate it with a little pampering, if I can get an appointment, taking Little Miss O to the swings that she LOVES and having dinner at a restaurant down at the beach with a few good friends.  Hooray!

I have decided to make a list of things I would like to do before I am 40.  Kind of goals.  Kind of wishes....some small, some not so small....

1.  Finish the C25K running programme (have already made three attempts!).
2.  Get a bike and go out for long bike rides on the weekends with my little family.
3.  Learn to write my name, Little Miss O's name and our address in Japanese.
4. Do something creative every day.
5. Simplify our meals.
6. Declutter and get rid of something every day.
7. Write more letters and send more cards and postcards.
8. Kick the sugar habit.
9. Go to the UK to visit my friends over there.
10.  Become a light traveller.
11. Make my own...everything.  Candles, household cleaner, gift cards, body scrub, dishwashing detergent...
12. Develop my balcony garden.
13. Go on hikes.
14. Read at least one book a month.
15. Visit a gallery at least once a month.
16. Try knitting with old tshirts.
17. Try making paper.
18. Try rag-rugging.
19. Do more entertaining - summer BBQs on the balcony with friends, fondue parties, family lunches etc.
20. Do yoga or meditation every day.
21. Do more playing, dancing, reading, listening to music, singing and creating with Little Miss O.
22.  Gradually build up to drinking 1.5 litres of water a day.
23. Cut back the coffee intake to a max of one a day, making some days decaf.
24. Achieve my goal weight - which is sensible for my height...not some super skinny ridiculousness.
25. Exercise in some form every day - walking, yoga, running, cycling, gym, hiking...
26. Curb my impulse buying, buying just in case and general shopping habit.
27. Pare my wardrobe down/create a simple but effective and flattering wardrobe.
28. Get some more paid work.
29. Drink less booze.
30. Be a better listener.
31. Stop swearing so much and use a better and broader vocabulary.
32. Reduce the waste in our house as much as possible.
33. Save money and take Mr O on dates when I can.
34. Have more massages, long baths, soaks in the sauna, haircuts, facials and other pampering treats.
35. Make clothes for Little Miss O and myself when needed.
36. Hand make gifts.
37. See more theatre and live music.
38. Make some new friends.
39. Smile more.


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