Samsara Project: doily to necklace which things pass through states of existence...

Opshops (yes, despite their increasing prices, I still manage to pop in from time to time although not, it must be said, as often as before) are FULL of very ugly crochet doilies flopping about waiting to be loved and usually, the mass-produced kind can be picked up very cheaply.

Et voila - they can be transformed into rather unusual but still quite effective neck pieces.  I was inspired by the rather wonderful and definitely way out style of my mother-in-law and decided to make her an out there kind of accessory for her upcoming birthday.  That's where the doilies came in.

I cut one to the shape I wanted and stitched it onto a piece of beige linen to give it some body and for something to support the embroidery.  Then, I spent many a spare moment using different stitches and colours (from a bag of thread picked up at a charity store a loooong time ago) to decorate it.  After I felt that there was enough decoration, I sandwiched two pieces of black satin ribbon that I had from...somewhere...between the front and a backing piece to cover up the mess of stitching on the linen.  Then, I topstitched around the edges with the vision that the edges will fray a little over time and add to the slightly boho feel.

And so - all I can hope now is that she will like it.  I can see more doily and embroidery featuring as the yoke on a little dress...

By the way - my first few days sans Facebook have been going well.  Much less screen time and more time umm..eating, hanging with Little Miss O and sewing.  SEWING!  Woohooooo.


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