Odd little favourites

Haha.  So not cool, but I love vintage greetings cards.  There is something about them - the typography, the naff little verses, the fluffy soft pictures - that appeals.  When I am out and about at opshops and so on, I always keep an eye out for them and the above are some of my recent finds.  

Recently, I've been revisiting my old favourite opshops, and I have been absolutely astounded at the seemingly sudden hike in prices in Sydney.  Fair enough - they are a fundraising exercise for a good cause, but really, it's getting crazy buggers out there.  I am kind of sad because although buying secondhand is a much more sustainable way of shopping, the prices are beginning to be so high and those of some shops selling new items so low, that it's making it very hard for me to make ethical/eco purchasing choices.  I KNOW that it's better to buy secondhand if possible, but why would I pay AUD6, for example, for someone's old Valley Girl top when I can go to somewhere like Target or Big W and get a t-shirt that is brand new, pill-free and not smelling of someone else's perfume for AUD7 (on sale, admittedly). Hm.
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