What's cooking - rosemary shrimp and homemade pita

YUM.  This went down a treat in Chez les O.  The lovely Mr O learnt how to work pocket bread and I learnt how to make it.  PLUS - I used rosemary from my garden for the shrimps.  The photo doesn't show the sauce...
Here's a (very rough) recipe;

Frozen prawns (approx ten per person if you are using medium sized ones)
A nice juicy slosh of white wine
Two cloves of garlic (minced)
A tablespoon of fresh rosemary
Grapeseed oil
Lemon juice - about half a lemon squeezed in by hand
Pepper to taste
For the sauce (to put in the bread or to dip the bread in):
Three tablespoons of yoghurt
1/3 cucumber diced
One tablespoon tahini
About 1/4 lemon squeezed in by hand

Heat the oil in a frying pan
Pop in the garlic and fresh rosemary and heat until they start to smell awesome
Add the wine and lemon juice
Pop in your prawns and season with pepper to taste
Cook until the prawns go nice and pink and curly

To make the sauce;

Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl.  Done.

Serve with crispy green salad and your warmed homemade (or store-bought, you lazies..) pita.  YUM. A glass of crisp, clean, dry white wouldn't go astray either.


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