What's cooking - eggless Cornish pasties

These pasties look a bit pasty, it must be said, but they were VERY delicious.  Little Miss O was particularly into them, "Pasties, more?".  I used the pasty recipe from here (eliminating the egg glaze) and the shortcrust pastry recipe from here.

Did I mention my recipe book project?  Rather than have millions of recipe books and files full of recipes that I never used, I am making a file using pages from books, printed from the internet, from friends or magazines that have been tried, tested and approved by my little family.  I then plan to index it by a) food e.g potato dish and b) season as well as c) alphabetically because...I am a sucker for punishment.  It has cleared our house of piles of cookbooks that never get used - especially as many of them have a large proportion of meat recipes, and we only eat fish... well, Mr O eats meat, but not at home.
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