Samsara Project: Child's dress which things pass through states of existence...

Sorry about the weird font - it's meant to be "coming soon" and I have been into the template advanced thingie and checked that I have actually chosen "coming soon", which I have, but for some reason it is not showing up on the blog.  SO not loving this curly script.  Ugh.

Anyway...this is a recent project - a tshirt that was just that fraction too small for me now transformed into a child's dress.  

*I cut the sleeves off and recut the armholes based on a pattern for a simple child's dress.  

*Then I decorated the front, stitching up the open placket and decorating it with a mix of buttons and sewing on different fabrics in the colour scheme that seemed to evolve by itself, really.  Last, but not least, the ubiquitous pompom trim.  I will probably get over it but for the moment, it's going to be popping up in a lot of projects, so gird your loins.  

*Finally, I gathered the original arms at the top and sewed them into the new armholes so there is a nice "puff".  I was feeling a lazy, so I just cut them off to form butterfly sleeves.  Something a bit weird happened, so one sleeve is slightly skewiff, but I hope that will not show up so much when it is worn.  Oh, the trials of a rookie sew-er.
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