Quick organisational tip - pouches

This may be the first of many pouch posts, not only because the word pouch is so great, but because they are easy to make and SUPER useful.  And...prettier than an ugly plastic folder, for example.

The inspiration for this little beauty stems from an incident at a hospital.  I forgot to bring Little Miss O's insurance card, and we had to pay around 45000yen upfront.  Luckily, we could get it back at the hospital later, and her lovely oji-chan had the cash on him.  Hm.  Thus, in an effort to gather all her medical stuff together so we can just grab it and go if the need arises (and now she is allergic to about every foodstuff on the planet, that need may arise...).  I picked up a cute little card holder at good old Daiso for 105yen, combined all her different medicine books together in one book, and now they live in this cute pouch with her childhood record book.  It is made from flea market fabric left over from making an apron, is clearly labelled with the contents and has a little felt "red cross" cross on it to make the message even more clear.

Hopefully it will save us time (no scrabbling around for all the different things and ha - maybe even money!) Now, I am looking around the house for even more things to pouch-ercise.

What is your favourite organising tip?


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