Design love: Sky tree and Keisei line

Yesterday, I took Little Miss O to the Sumida Aquarium inside the new Sky Tree complex.  She and I both dig aquariums.  I love the weirdness and diversity of sea life and Little Miss O likes jellyfish, penguins' bellies and imagining that the fish are looking at her.

Every day in Japan, I find design joy, so I am going to try and share more of it with you.  In fact - I am going to be changing this blog quite a bit over the next few whiles...had a bit of a lightbulb moment this afternoon while chilling on the futon with the baby girl.

Yesterday's highlights included;

The gorgeous dresses designed by mina perhonen for Sky Tree.  Seriously - how good is that blue and yellow combo and the pocket detail?  The other uniforms aren't bad either - although the cleaning staff got a bit of a raw deal, I feel.

Typography joy - the badge of the Keisei train line.  I love the Keisei line - it's super convenient, much less crowded, usually, than JR and has a lovely retro feel to it - velvet seats in faded reds and greens and...great typography.  Hoorah.


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