Gardening: In the garden of earthly delights

Just a little update on my lovely little balcony garden.  Haha - I have to say, the first pic is looking a bit unintentionally lewd.  That's my very first zucchini.  Woohoo.  I am just waiting for it to come up a bit bigger and then yum yum yum.  My second pic is of my mint - or what should be my mint but wasn't when I took this pic.  However, Little Miss O and I spotted some tiny tiny tiny little plants coming up.  And some powdery mildew that has to be sprayed with milk spray - courtesy of info from the Burke's Backyard site.

There was a bit of a clean up from the typhoon and a bit of a disappointment when I tasted my first tomato.  It was a fraction...bland.  Maybe it was too soon.

This week, I will be transplanting my little baby tomato plants to the new pots where the compost has been festering away.  Woohoo.


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