Gardening: The Day of the Triffids


Just a little progress report on my balcony garden.  Actually, I took this pic a few days ago and since then, my zucchinis have grown even more and there are lots of new little shoots coming up.  What's been happening;

* Been battling an infestation of disgusting little gnats with a combo of sprinkled cinnamon, insect traps (the pots sitting in the soil) with oil and vinegar in them, yellow paper coated with pawpaw ointment (didn't have Vaseline) and drying out the soil as much as possible.  Actually, I read that hydrogen peroxide does the trick - but can I find that in Japan?  Nope.  The traps worked a little bit.  The sticky paper didn't work at all.  Maybe they didn't like the black type, but it was all I had.

* Tiny little tomatoes coming out all over the place - I counted 20 on just two small branches..and there are a LOT of branches

* Got two pots nicely fermenting with a mixture of bokashi compost and soil which I am going to bust open on Thursday.  I hope that nothing gross has happened.  If all goes well, I will be planting some rocket and transplanting some of my little seedlings.  

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