Tomato tarts and trash traumas

Oooooh yeah.  These little darlings were so good (a fraction dry, but with a bit of wine...) and they would be great packed in a lunchbox or for a picnic.  I am all hyped for picnics at the moment - even though, when it comes to the crunch, the insects do my head in.  Hm.  A perfect treat after a morning at the home centre tracking down compost bins and finding out that gas bottles just are not the go in Japan.

I fear that now I have read more about composting, it is going to be a trying time for me.  I am the kind of person who gets a bit nauseous at the sight of bits of old food and for whom the idea of a food fight is my worst nightmare.  Basically, I have issues about food mess and here I go, attempting to compost.  My main issue is of course, where the hell am I going to put it all?  I can only have so many pots on the balcony to let it fester in (feeling hairs stand up on the back of my neck...) after it comes out of the bokashi-style  I wonder if I will be able to freecycle it.  I wonder how Mr O will feel when the second bin arrives (if it all goes well, of course...) Meanwhile, I am desperately trying to think of other ways to use my food scraps.  It is certainly going to make me think...

Other projects on the burner... making my own personal care and cleaning products, uses for the juice from the composter and making paper...


  1. Picnics are always fun. Are there lots of insects in Japan? Surely not as many as in Oz?!

    1. haha - absolutely not. And much less likely to kill you. Just a few mean looking ants, but I am a wimp. :)


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