Snail mail: Simple pleasures


Today was a jolly day.  It's all about the simple things in life - expressions of love, chances to be creative and of course, an else seven favourite....good food!  I managed to get to the gym again today - fantastic.  Who would have thought that I would love it so much...and not feel inclined to slack off?  It's my hour of complete enjoyment.  Me, the ipod and the bench press.  

My gorgeous cousin sent me a care package with my fave - Violet Crumbles, Mr O's fave - Lindt, a beautiful card and an awesome stamp for stamping cookies.  Watch this page as over the weekend, I am definitely going to give it a whirl.  What a sweetie.  He is turning thirty very soon, and I am in full care package mode for his birthday treats.  

Little Miss O took a loooong nap, so I could get started on over hauling this shirt.  I picked it up at the flea market, but the sleeves are too tight and it is a little too tight across the it is currently being "else seven-ed".  It involves pompom trim.  Of course.  

And I tried a new recipe - fritatta.  I know - how can I have never ever cooked frittata in my 38.75 years?  Amazing.  We had a glut of eggs, so I made this using's basic frittata recipe and throwing in everything I had in the fridge - including making a base out of day-old rice that needed eating.  AND basil from my garden.

Just had my Friday night martini.  Life is good.
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  1. wonderful, it really is the simple things in life that make us smile! Your fritatta, looks and sounds mouthwatering

    1. Thanks, lovely - it was! Am hoping my shirt makeover will make it to next Friday's recycled fashion finds.


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