I know.  I am a bad aspiring minimalist, and I shall go and self-flagellate after this. (Does it count that I have some more things in a box ready to go out of the house?)  This morning, Little Miss O and I went with her oba-chan and oji-chan to the Meiji Koen fleamarket.  Straight off the bat, we scored this Brio toy oven and all that toy food (as well as a little oven mitt and oven potholder which are in the washing machine) for 800 yen.  STOKED.

For myself, two adorable pendants for 100yen total and a rather fantastic tshirt that I shall I have to show you later as it is also in the wash.  In my defence, there was a hell of a lot that I did not buy such as beautiful Eames notelets and a Sapporo chalkboard....

Perhaps I shall have to invent a new form of life philosophy that is trapped somewhere between minimalism and thrifty.  A thrimalist? Being minifty?
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