Samsara Project: Veggie scraps to stock which things pass through states of existence...

In the interests of saving the planet and saving a bit of cash chez les O, around our place, things get a second chance.  Or even a third.  The above is a pot of stock on the stove being made from cuttings/skins etc. that I washed and saved up during the week and popped in a bag in the freezer.  Once the stock was made, I made soup with it using some veggies including celery leaves and broccoli stalks that I had saved (in a different container!) as well.  I think I let the stock simmer too long as the flavour was not the soup was a little bitter and bland.  I am keen to do it again, so if anyone has any great stock recipes, I would love to hear them.

The used veggies peelings then ended up in the compost, where they will go on to have a lovely life nourishing more veggies.  Woohoo.  Full circle.


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