Sewing for kids: Customised dress

My late night missions in the else seven cave are proving quite fruitful.  A bit of creating from scratch, a bit of customising and upcycling, and I am loving it.  The below is another dress that my friend, I, sent.  I made a few adjustments - unpicking the faux ties at the shoulders and surprise surprise...adding some pom pom trim.  Little Miss O has been very fond of the brooches I have been making, so I appliqued her a patch that looks my brooches featuring a giraffe, one of her favourite animals.  She liked it so much that it went on over the pyjamas this morning. Customising clothes just gives them a little lift and makes them that bit cuter and more interesting than the old same-same.  Hoorah for that.

A brooch for meeeee using the braid that came on the sweetly wrapped package from On Travelling seen in this post.


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