Gardening: From little things big things grow...

I have been looking out my tatami room window a disproportionate amount of times gaze lovingly on my nascent balcony garden.  It is my...third or fourth attempt, I think, but this time, I am really getting into it properly.  My parents gave me the wonderful book - The Edible Balcony by Indira Naidoo for Christmas, which has been a great inspiration and also an excellent simple and easy to follow guide.  I really recommend it.  I stumbled across a plant and veggie market on the weekend at a park nearby and picked up some organic tomato and basil plants.  My parsley and rosemary have been battling along for a while now - good on them, and the flowers in the little pot I grew from some free seeds I was given at a temple.  The other small pot has also got some free seeds in it which I planted the other day, but that pot seems to be a bit cursed.  Ah well.  I am going to keep an eye on the sun's path across the balcony, so I can work out how to arrange all my pots. What you can't see are a bunch of other pots waiting to be filled with other summer delights such as chives, lettuce and zucchini.  Am off to a garden centre on Friday to check out compost bins.  I want a bokashi-style one.  Yay for the Japanese for coming up with such a great idea - compost and plant food and recycling all in one gorgeous package.

Little Miss O seems to be loving it too - she likes to get outside and put on her thongs, smell the plants and  watch me catch slugs.  She can identify basil, rosemary and parsley, but it seems a bit mindblowing for her to associate the tomato plant with tomatoes, so she is ignoring it for the time being.  She took her oba-chan on a tour of the plants this afternoon.  Bless.  For this sweetness, I will try to ignore the fact that has turned from the eat anything all the time baby to the whingiest eat nothing one in a matter of days.  Anyone else got a 16-month-old who is driving them nuts?


  1. Hello, thrilled you like the book and glad to see your little edible balcony coming along. Good Luck, Indira (


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