Sewing for kids: Cut out appliqué (and cute wrapping!)

A gift for a lovely cousin, wrapped   A re-used piece of wrapping paper (cringe - yes, people, I iron gift wrap.  There, I have said it.), corrugated cardboard from packaging, part of an airmail envelope from a letter I was sent and string from a few Christmases ago.  

My very sweet friend, I, sent me some cute little numbers for Little Miss O which she picked up at a charity event.  I cannot resist a bit of customisation (read this as I can't leave things damn well alone) so I did a bit of experiment with cut out applique which worked quite well, I think.  

1) Draw image you want on the t-shirt
2) Very carefully cut around the outline so there is now a hole in the shape of your image
3) Iron interfacing on to applique fabric
4) Pin applique fabric to the back of the t-shirt
5) Stitch around the outline of the cut out image making sure you get the applique fabric as well
6) Carefully trim the edges of the applique fabric
7) Very, very, very carefully overlock the edges of the applique fabric making sure not to catch up any of the t-shirt fabric as you go
8) Et voila!


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