Sewing for kids: Applique pinafore

Being creative is a really important part of my life.  I find great peace and tranquility (and sometimes a hell of a lot of swearing) when I am in our "spare" room (which houses my sewing stuff, Buddha, Mr O's clothes and guests...) fiddling around with bits of fabric and paper.  There is always at least one project on the go.  Currently, I am working on a laptop sleeve for Mr O for his birthday and a necklace for my MIL for hers.  There are a sweatshirt and a skirt project about to begin...

ANYWAY - this is the little outfit I blogged about here, and now I have finished it.  I am quite pleased with it for a number of reasons;
1) The body fabric cost AUD1.30 - they were remnants.
2) It's reversible (the inside is a cute Japanese-y print) so Little Miss O gets two outfits for one
3) I got to use up some fabric scraps rather than throw them away
4) I felt the fear and did buttonholes anyway.  Woohoo.

As for the minimalism drive....I am still working on it.  I am still going through my CD collection - listening to them all and getting rid of any that I really don't like anymore.  My photo collection is shrinking by the day.  I am also working on sorting through my jewellery.  I have hung it in clear accessory pockets inside my wardrobe door so I can see it clearly and use it...and if I don't use it, it gets sent out the door.  However, I know some of it already is never going to get worn, so tonight, I am going to sit down and sift through it.  Every day, I attack (or reattack) a little part of the house and trim it down - get rid of the excess.  There is still sooooooo much stuff though.  Man.  One house is going to be clear of unnecessary crap.  I won't say empty because I am not going to divest myself of things I love or use just for the sake of minimalism, but I am actually being pretty harsh on myself.  Of course, I still have to curb the "things coming in" side of it too.  There's a bag of clothes in my wardrobe and a box of random items in the living room that I have set aside cos I didn't know what to do with them but didn't want to chuck them.  So far, I have not really had recourse to them, so I might sit down on Sunday and cull them a bit more.  Slowly, slowly...

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