Sewing for kids: Applique pinafore

I have a few little projects on the go at the moment (as well as the endlessly tedious fixing buttons, stitching up holes and so on), so I thought I would give you a sneaky look at a couple of them.  Both are for the lovely Little Miss O, who incidentally, had her first couple of hours at a casual day care centre the other day.  It was BLISS for me - I felt like a real person again.  Apparently, not so much fun for her, but it is a lovely place - scrupulously clean with sweet staff who write little reports each time - even if the baby is only there for a short time.  And it's only 400yen per hour.  Woohooo. Again, I digress.

The first project is going to be a makeover.  I picked up this little number at the baby recycle shop for 290yen, but that nasty lace trim and those beige buttons have got to go.  The fabric and cut are super cute though.

The second project is a product of my new "who needs sleep?" theory where I slip into my little room after everyone else has gone to bed and get stuck into some sewing or whatever for another hour or so.  It's a great time of evening - all quiet and there's just me and the fabric.  This project is a little short tunic that Little Miss O can wear over leggings or jeans in winter with a long sleeved t underneath or with the cute little matching pants only in the summer.  It showcases my deep and lasting obsession with applique that started in my first year of highschool when I discovered I could put any image on anything I liked.  At that time, I went for a bad 80's pastel ice cream sundae motif.   Nice.


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