Serendipitous discoveries

Well, delayed serendipity.  I noticed a cafe advertising organic and natural food near my favourite local park a while ago and finally today, Little Miss O and I checked it out and we loved it.  Small, individual, owner-chef and so so yummy.  My lunch plate plus coffee and cookie was 850yen.  The owner also does amazing patchwork.  In fact - it looked like my ideal life - cooking good food and sewing in between customers.  Bring that on!  For those in the 'hood - it's called One Plate and is just opposite the turn off to the road that leads to the main gate of Mizumoto Koen, Tokyo.

I also discovered a new natural food shop near the Mizumoto branch of the library which has potential.  it was a bit pricey  - comparing the price of their organic raisins and pasta to those in the supermarket, but  I am going to try to support it if I can for other stuff as I am all for health food stores.

AND - yes, it does get better - it's Earth Day in Tokyo this weekend, so hopefully, we will be going to go and check it out in Yoyogi Park.  The link goes to a Japanese website, but you get the idea - music, food, eco stalls.  Terrific.


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