Samsara project: Old photos to postcards which things pass through states of existence...

Oops - there is a little red-socked foot in that photo.  A very curious member of the family, obviously.  Here's a little idea for all those photos that you might be decluttering. I am going through my photo albums at the moment like this;

Step 1: Go through an album and pull out all the photos that are really not that good or are of people/things which are kind of irrelevant how (I mean - do you really need photos of that girl from school that you never saw again after you left?) or of the same subject as five other pictures

Step 2: Lay out all the photos from a particular trip or period of time and narrow them down to x number of really fantastic photos e.g 25 or 10 or whatever.
Step 3: This one is up to you - scan the wonderful photos and kiss the prints goodbye OR put them in albums and keep them somewhere where you will actually look at and enjoy them.

Step 4: As photos are rejected, put any ones that are still attractive to one side (You may want to gather up some pics of friends and send them to the friend in question, but I am too lazy to do that!).  Then (as above), stick them on the thin cardboard from packets such as cereal packets (obviously sticking the photo on the patterned side).  Once dry, cut around and voila!  Instant postcard or notelet.


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