On letting go

Ahh...the love of stuff is deeply entrenched, isn't it?  I got really angry with myself last night for becoming...errr...really angry when Mr O accidentally smashed my (sigh) rare and to me, beautiful 1966 Bireley's ceramic Astro Boy promotional bottle.  I know - perhaps not your scene, but...each to their own.  My loss of temper really ruined an evening that had been otherwise lovely - a walk on a beautiful spring evening, a stash of wild freesias, a really enjoyable dinner with my in-laws (with amazing English tea icecream..yum.).  All over a thing.  What an idiot I am.

I am trying hard to focus on simplicity and things that are really, really beautiful - such as (as in piccies above) - sunlight coming through trees decked out in spring green or a wild freesia (my favourite flower ever) in a vase....but sometimes, I do not succeed. I apologised profusely, of course - and lesson learnt.

By the way - Picasa uploads to Blogger are driving me nuts.  I did a big post on baby minimalism, and it got eaten.  ugh.  Will try again after I have regained my mojo on that one.  


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