Make-your-own Muesli

Today was a productive day - baked two loaves of brown bread and one of olive bread, listened to lots of great jazz, made a big batch of pasta sauce using organic tomatoes and carrots (as well as olives, garlic, onion etc. YUM), went to the library, checked out safety harnesses for toddlers at the secondhand store (they were all naff or overpriced), continued to dig bugs out of the soil in the garden and got through the ironing.

Much as I love her,  I am bloody glad that Little Miss O's bedtime has been and gone, and I have time to myself.  Outraged that there is no wine in the house, though.  I could so go a soothing glass of red right now - for medicinal purposes only.  Will have to try and wind down with yoga, but in all honesty, would prefer the wine.

As I am currently obsessed with making everything myself, I thought I would make some muesli as most store-bought stuff here is expensive/sugar-laden/actually granola/or full of things I abhor like banana chips.  Ugh.  It was easy peasy and of course, can be modified to suit your own tastes.  To make it;

1) In a frying pan on medium heat, dry roast 3.5 cups of rolled oats, 1.5 cups of dessiccated coconut (both of mine organic from the awesome Tengu Natural Foods.  LOVE them.) and 40g of sunflower seeds until it turns a golden brown colour - mine took about 7 minutes.
2) Add dried fruit - and I guess nuts too if you liked, of your choice.  I used 70g apricot, 130g raisins and 40g cranberries and chopped the cranberries and apricots up with scissors.
3) Let it cool and then store in an airtight container.

That made this whole container full which is approx 5.5 cups.

Now to that yoga - but after a little bit of research on composting.  The glamour.


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