Fruity and fabulous.

OK, I don't have her boobs, but other than out Nigella.  Haha.  Today, Little Miss O and Astro Boy, her main sidekick at the moment, played happily on the kitchen floor while I whipped up some fruit bread.   I used regular white flour rather than the wholemeal bread making flour I have been using, and it was such a...letdown.  The dough was super sticky no matter how much I added more and more flour and so the tops of the loaves are super ugly.  I was really worried it was going to be a flop...but HOORAH!  It tastes divine.  I put into a basic bread recipe;  walnuts and apricots (both chopped up with scissors) and whole raisins and a tablespoon or two of cinnamon (for two loaves).

By the way - also in the pic are my fabulous blue plates picked up at a flea market for 100yen for five (things in japan come in fives in general) and my beautiful 1950s German butter knives.  LOVE.
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