Food find!

On our wanders yesterday, Little Miss O and I came across a marvellous find - an organic/natural vegetarian restaurant with a funky little health food shop attached.  Hallelujah!  This is a sample of the small, but delish lunch time buffet they served.  It's called Natural and Harmonic Lakeside Grano (but of course!) and is at Koshigaya-Laketown in the Mori Garden Walk section, if any of my Japanese readers out there want to go and check it out.

While there, I managed to find what I have been looking for for ages - an eco toothbrush.  It is called Terradent and comes with bristles that detach, and then you can clip on new ones, so you only ever throw away the bristles - saving all that plastic in the handle each time. For someone who basically chews through a toothbrush in a couple of weeks and who cares about waste, this is a WINNER.  I got one in yellow, which is my absolute fave colour of the moment.  Of the moment.

And to celebrate all this joy, I went home and baked olive bread.  And it was divine.


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