Earth Day

Wooohoo!  Earth Day was absolutely fantastic and totally exceeded my expectations.  There was all sorts of funky stuff - NPOs, eco-businesses, a bio-diesel vehicle, veggie sellers, great music, entertainment for kids, organic wine and a range of delicious food choices.  I loved it.

Little Miss O and I had sensory overload, but managed to play some kiddy games, rock out to some Kenyan music and some folky protest tunes, get some chemical-free laundry detergent, some organic dark chocolate for Mr O, a bag of organic veggies for 1000yen and a Mr Friendly t-shirt that can be turned into a doll once you are over wearing it.  We received lots of lovely info and free samples and donated money to people who are rescuing cats from the no-go zone around Fukushima.  And we barely even scratched the surface. There were workshops, tastings, giveaways, a clothing exchange....

Seriously good.


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