Snail mail: Billet doux

Ah.  A quiet time chez les Okuda.  Little Miss O is in bed, Mr O is out at karate.  I've got a monster plate of organic wholewheat pasta with homemade tomato, basil and olive sauce (do I sound a fraction smug there?  Hm.)  and Juliette Greco on the stez.  All that is missing is a nice glass of vino, but I have drunk my one bottle quota for the week (haha - it was a week and a half!), so...the picture is not quite complete but not bad all the same.

As you all know, I have been cutting down on the old Facebook usage of late.  I am supposed to be going for a month without it, but I did sneak online to wish some friends happy birthday and to check out pics of my new cousin...but still.  It's amaaaazing how much better things are.

1) I have more time.  Seriously.  Logging on and faffing around with Facebook a few times a day actually really takes up quite a bit of time.  Time yourself one day and see....
2) I feel more content.  I know - that sounds weird too, but I am not constantly consciously or subconsciously comparing my life to those of others.

Feels great.  However, I am missing my friends, so I am getting back into snail mail again.  I was so good for a while there - sending postcards, letters and care packages all the time, but recently, I have slacked off a bit (would that have anything to do with Little Miss O?).  I posted a little while back about how I was making postcards out of rejected but still quite nice photos from my Grand Photo Sorting, and the other day, I started decorating my own stationery.  Not quite at the paper-making stage yet, but I do have a mesh and so on to get on with it sometime in the near future.  Got to get a secondhand blender.  My cousin makes amaaaazing paper - such a talented woman.  But back to the humble little letter paper project.

I was inspired by the personalised stationery of my youth. They never had my name.  Still don't. And used;

1) paper from Daiso (it's not quite thick enough, to be honest, but it was all I had at home)
2) MT washi tape.  Love!
3) Dymo tape - a last minute addition after the stamping on the washi tape smudged
4) My alphabet stamp set and my Paris-inspired stamp set
5) Old photos that I picked up at an amazing book market in Shanghai where there was always treasure to be had - old propaganda mags and posters, original textbook drawings, New Scientist mags from the 30s and 40s and...old photo albums.  All for a song then, not sure if they would be so cheap now.
6) Sewing machine

As you can see, they came out quite nicely and now all I have to do is make the envelopes to match.

Time for my eclair.  Mmmmm.


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