The Big Mac

Ever had order envy - when you look at someone else's lunch and think ooooohhhh? That was me today. Little Miss O and I went to Takebashi to the MOMAT to see the Jackson Pollock exhibition, which was actually very interesting - seeing the organic progression from his first paintings to his drip paintings - you  could really see his style change and develop (and realise that he's not just Blue Poles).  Afterwards, we found a macrobiotic (I know - well I NEVER!) cafe in the Palaceside building that is above the Takebashi subway stop.  It's called Kushi Garden and was sitting there right near Maccas.  The irony.  Anyway - my Japanese sucks and the staff were busy, so there was no time for me to kind of work out how the lunch set works, which is what every single other customer in the place was having, so I plumped for the curry rice. Myah.  It was as it looks.  Brrrrrrrrrrrown.  Still - the lunch set looked pretty damn good, so I would still recommend trying it out.  Macrobiotic. In a dull office block.  Seriously.

But to brighten up my tastebuds, I made a raaaaather fantastic pesto tonight.  YUM.  I shall have to work out the quantities I used - so therefore, remake it, before I post the recipe.


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