Samsara project: Aprons to bag which things pass through states of existence...

A looong time ago, I found three souvenir Portuguese aprons for kiddies at my local opshop warehouse in Sydney (it has since moved and although its clothing section is pretty awesome, the fabrics have never been the same.  Sniff.) and picked them up in a bundle of stuff that cost a grand total of AUD2.  Now, while I would love to see Little Miss O sporting one of these in the near future, I decided to put two of them together to make a new bag for spring to inject a little colour and pattern into the old wardrobe for virtually zilch.  Yay.  Very simple - I just stitched them together and cut off the string to make the handles.  I am not wildly thrilled with the handles, it must be said, so I might make them over one rainy day.  And there is still one left over for the little miss.  I cannot truly express my great love for vintage or even not so vintage souvenir textiles.  Love.  Them. 


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